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Automated Deployment Services

Deploy faster and reduce feature cycle time with AWS CodeDeploy

Manual deployments are time-consuming, error-prone and important steps can be accidentally missed resulting in broken software going live. Typically a senior engineer on your team needs to handle the manual releases which not only blocks deployments on the availability of one person, but diverts your most valuable engineering resources away from developing the features your customers pay for.

Automating your deployment process with AWS CodeDeploy makes it easy for you to deploy more often, more confidently and without downtime. I will create a repeatable, automated "pushbutton" deployment process that anyone on your team can execute.

Here's what you get

  • Deploy more frequently and more confidently with zero-downtime
  • Repeatable, error-free "pushbutton" deployment process
  • Complete AWS CodeDeploy implementation with deployment scripts stored in version control

Minimum project budget starts around $5,000.

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