Chicago PHP Developer

Hey there, you found me!

My name is Dan Bowen. I created this page as an experiment to help people find me and explore the opportunities that come my way. You probably found this page if you are searching for the best darn PHP programmer in Chicago ;)

You could say I’m a grizzled veteran of the Chicago consulting world. I’ve worked for some of the top firms and media companies in the city including Duo Consulting, and Playboy Enterprises. As you can see from this website I’m always working on personal projects and freelance a little on the side.

I’m increasingly excited about Chicago’s tech and startup community and would love to explore opportunities in this area. There are a couple of areas of web development I’m especially passionate about. If your company is building the next great Chicago startup and need a PHP developer strong in these areas I’d love to talk to you.

PHP Programming, especially Zend Framework

I’m especially skilled in Object Oriented Programming and building MVC web applications. I always develop well structured code and you won’t catch me mixing business logic with display logic!

LAMP stack

Good developers don’t program in a bubble. They need to be aware of every aspect of their technology stack and how it affects their application. I know my way around Linux (especially Ubuntu), Apache, PHP and MySQL.

Web Services

The exchange of data between disparate systems is what the web is all about. I’ve published and consumed several web services including Ebay,, StubHub and others. I’m currently working pretty heavily with the Chargify api and working on a proposal for Zend_Service_Chargify.

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